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Our Acronyms and ATW

I’ve decided to make/add some Dunmel-server related lingo.


ATW – Added to Whitelist

EFW – Excluded from Whitelist

RPG – Role play game

RP – Role play


On the forum topic, already we had several applications.

Ratata, Crazy_Ninja7, and Origamikiller were added to the whitelist. As a note, I can relate to Origamikiller, who was skeptic if this was a real, serious, RPG server. I speak to assure him that, yes, we are a real, serious RPG. I was inspired by Illiac Isle, a brilliant RPG server. 

Thanks, Ezra.

Also, here is the link for the rules and info page:


Dunmel Server – Rules and Info


We are a Minecraft server devoted to RPG. This is a new theme for me, as I used to only do building Creative servers or full-on player versus player. RPG stands for roll playing game. It’s most often associated with Dungeons and Dragons, and the phrase, “I’m a level-80 mage!”. We will have few plugins, unlike my old server, Reliabilitee.


Dunmel is an island that used to thrive with rising and falling civilizations. Until recently, Dunmel was ruled by the New Dunmel Republic, following the sun god, Arceru, and ocean goddess Hydranos. After a great war that raged all across the island, the Dunmel Republic was left in feeble ruin. One century passed, and Arceru was forced to eradicate the savages living in the caves, and Hydranos had to wash the land clean to make way for new ages.

When Arceru and Hydranos lost hope, they each left to their realms. Arceru retreated to the sun, and Hydranos the sea. But Arceru had a child, a little boy, with Hydranos, and they named him Merk.    Marine-fire. Merk was raised in the sky, nurtured by Arceru’s mother, Aeralius.

When he was of age to leave the household in the clouds, he left to observe the island of Dunmel. He noticed that hundreds of adventurers, farmers, and hunters were coming to populate Dunmel once more. He appointed himself patron of Dunmel until it falls again.


1. No greifing, sexism, racism, or anything of the sort. No offensive art or comments.

2. Roleplay names should be lore-friendly. (i.e. Tergus Kembell, etc.)

3. Faction names should be Lore-friendly (i.e. Hunters, Cata, etc.)

4. Act mature. Swearing is allowed, but do not abuse it. As mentioned before, no racism, etc.

5. NO CHEATS OR HACKS OF ANY KIND. We will track you down.

6. In your Whitelist Application, put this phrase so we know you read the rules: “I come to Dunmel”


IGN: (In game name)

Age: (Real life) (Roleplay)

Roleplay Name: (Lore name)

Reason: (Reason to play)

Plans: (Plans for the server)

Character Backstory: (A roleplay backstory)