Admin is Educated


Thank the gods of Dunmel. Your server Admin now has the knowledge he needs to run the server. This knowledge I absorbed is mainly on Factions (the Bukkit plugin), but also WorldEdit. I built a mansion larger than Castle Olketessan, that is in a SafeZone tat I set up. WarZones are also being erected on the Plains of Arceru.

This is where our island’s battles will take place. I’m itching to release my Lightning Hand upon anyone foolish enough to challenge my Empyr, but first I have to straighten out a bug that I can only compare to the itch you get on your nose when you are having your hair get clipped back. I think this “bug” is actually me just not updating my version of CraftBukkit, which I have been putting off since we were still the Reliabilitee Server. Could be it. Maybe not. But I’ll try anyways.


Thanks, Ezra


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