… That Empyr


Running an empire can be difficult. Especially so when the empire in question consists of but two members, one of which is a god, and the other has a love for mining. All my soldiers (about thirty) are NPC’s, unless you count my heir, (who is also my father), to be one. I have no enemies. My only ally is the leader of the Dunmel Monster Slayers, who’s only company is NPC’s also.

Am I complaining? No. It may sound like it, but i am not. The person who created all this in the first place is in no place to complain.


Name: Dunmel Monster Slayers (DMS)

Leader: Ravager Cato

Members: Ravager Cato, (Various NPC’s)

Location: Red Desert, near Bloodstone Castle

Description: Hunters of monsters on Dunmel Island, slayers of the Beasts of Gods


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