The 1.3 Patch


The server is staying in 1.2.5 until all the plugins we require to work on are updated.

1. Wait for Bukkit to update.

2. Check if Factions is updated.

3. Check if RoyalCommands is updated.

4. Check if Vault, Spout, etc. are updated.

5. Update to 1.3.

6. Relaunch Dunmel for 1.3.


Using the Minecraft tool MCNostalgia, which allows you to downgrade your Minecraft .jar. This is useful not only for getting on downgraded servers, but also using mods that haven’t updated.  I actually used this to play the 1.7.3 version of Aether, before it updated to 1.2.5.

So, using this, you can get on my server with no error.



One thought on “The 1.3 Patch

  1. Geertje123 says:

    Since I’ve been running a server since Minecraft Alpha 1.5, I would like to make a suggestion.

    Let the server stay in 1.2.5 untill all the plugins you use are updated. this way the server will have 0% downtime.

    1. Let the main server stay in 1.2.5.
    2. create a private bukkit server on your pc.
    3. copy the main server into that private server.
    4. wait for plugin creators to update the plugins you use.
    5. update the pluings in the private server,
    6. once everything works perfectly, replace the normal server with the files of the private server.
    7. Now you’ve had 0% downtime.

    Make sure to backup your server first, and to tell people not to update to 1.3 until you say so

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