Darkness Befall


Sometimes being a god can be difficult. I am one of the only gods, (along with Arcus, Sacholen, etc.) that are rather fond of mortals. Sacholen attempted to keep mortals clean, but he ultimately gave up. So Arceru had to scorch the land, etc, etc… On that note, you need to remember I am doing exactly what he tried to do — mentor mankind and keep them from wickedness.

So far i’m doing well. Except that the godly land — Caelum — is intruding in on the mortal world, Viridi. You most likely know Viridi as Earth. And Caelum is, as mentioned, the land of the gods. But it is not as you may think. Caelum is shrouded in eternal darkness. The gods like it that way. We like it that way. But as the other gods and I are using the Gates into Viridi, the darkness seeps in. It worms its way through the doors of the Gates, escaping into Viridi. It is fine with me and the other gods, but mortals honestly don’t seem to like the dark. They, (you), fear the unknown. I believe this is because death is the unknown, not knowing what comes after it.

Since gods do not have to fear death, because it won’t come, we have no need to fear darkness. Or fear anything at all. Except mortals. but that is knowledge you do not need, not to mention that your death will be needed… But that’s not the point.

The point is, I’m at a pivotal point in my life, as are we all. The only way to stop the spill of darkness in Viridi is boiled down to a few possibilities.

1. Take an Oracle to Caelum tin order to use the clear mortal eye to spy out the leak in the Gate’s stream. Sadly, it would mean the Oracle’s destruction, but a certain god of death, Catessan, happens to be my cousin and is able to resurrect beings when he sees fit.

2. Shut down the Gates until the leak is corrected. This could be thousands of years, no contact between my world and yours.

You can vote on your choice, but I feel Arceru himself, my father, will have to make this choice. It could mean badly for me to get wrapped up in the affairs of mortals, but then again I practically populated this island myself.

Please review the information I have posted. It could lengthen your life drastically. Remember that I am risking my immortal life helping you. Please make the best of it.



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