The Quandary Islands Get Real


. . . because Dunmel Island is getting its first small expansion! I am adding on to the Dunmel Island map, but fixing some terrain generation bugs along the way. Some of you may have noticed how there’s a random forest biome intruding upon the desert, and how a jungle biome demolishes our nice plains area. I will be destroying these jungles and forests, and I also wish luck to those who set up camp in those bugged areas. They will be getting fixed.

But that’s not the big news. I am expanding the horizon – literally – on the “Quandary Islands” thing by adding an entirely new island. This will be Variform Island, which I’m still tweaking. It will be the general home of the god Arcus, the Immortal of wisdom. She dislikes mortals who intrude upon her property, so be wary. Arcus is John Locke’s mother, so she might not mind him visiting Variform Island.

I am not revealing too much about the island, but it is small, and not fit for anyone who wants to stay there. Nobody would be that foolish. The real danger lies right under the skin…

Variform Island - Plains

A Quandary Island, sister to Dunmel Island.

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