New Spawn!


Instead of spawning on top of Mount Olketessan, new members will now spawn on a small plateau that contains some information that everybody – even old members – should read. I will cover the info here.


I decided to introduce a new system, which I call “Ambitus”. It is essentially bribery.

1. Make an altar near the base of Olketessan on the small lake, which is near Castle Olketessan. An altar should be a diamond block on bottom, then a lapis block, then a chest. Somewhere on the altar should be your name, so I know who made the altar. The chest should have valuable goods inside.

2. When the person who made the altar is online, I will approach them and ask them what they want. You can bribe me to destroy an enemy’s (or friend’s) base, or ask me for some resources. You can ask me for anything you wish, and the bigger the offering, the bigger the request. Or, if I don’t like your offering or offer, I might kill you on the spot. Or I might destroy your own base. Or I might plague your people and set them on fire whenever they get on.

You’ll never know why your base is gone, or who asked me to do it, or if I did it for fun! I can tell you’re all enjoying the sweet prospect of Ambitus.


Good luck!


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