Monthly Archives: November 2012

1.4.4 Is Going Nicely

We updated to 1.4.4 (rather) smoothly, which results in a load of new server features. First, a new way to make altars. These will be used for summoning the Dragon. There are various other structures, also called shrines, that are dedicated to different Immortals.

To make an altar:

Make a small pillar of cobblestone fences, two blocks high. Place a chest on top. On the fence right below the chest, place a sign. On the sign’s first line of text, write “Altar”. One the second line, write your username. Put valuables in the chest, then alert the Dragon (ezra_dahlgren) that you have built an altar. he should visit you and ask what you want. If he is satisfied with the offerings, he may grant your wish. Don’t ask for a fountain of emeralds, be frugal.

The tunnels below Dunmel are now called the Forbidden Cunicula. They are of course not forbidden, but I will be spending more time down there. Expect subterranean divine surprises!


Cheers, Merk.