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Dungeons, Rupees, Castles, Arenas, and Conversion Tables


I’ll explain the new updates in sections. It’s easier.

  • THE ARENA: The Dunmel Island Arena has existed for some time now, but only now has it risen to its potential. Now we have an advanced spawning system, subterranean team bases, and even a capture-the-flag system with both people and monsters. Whoever wins gets 32 rupees, a unique weapons in their name, and a brand new book.
  • THE DONJONS: The dungeon project is a work-in-progress project, but the gist is that players can go out into the wilderness, and instead of barren nature, they’ll come across a short dungeon with a boss and a good haul of loot. We have a few dungeons already.
  • THE CASTLES: That’s right! More castles to raid and invade. Many new castles have been converted into ruins for new players to build their bases. Be on the lookout for burned out cities.
  • THE RUPEES: Dunmel Island needed a currency system, so we have the rupee, borrowed right out from under India’s nose. Players can earn rupees rather easily, and most shops on the island are using them. To watch the arena you must pay in rupees, if you win the arena, you get some rupees also. Rupees can be found scattered all over the island.
  • CONVERSION TABLE: Want to know how many rupees a stack of cobblestone is worth? Take a look at our newly-compiled conversion tables for EVERY SINGLE ITEM AND BLOCK in Minecraft that players are allowed to handle. If you see that something is missing that should be there, please message me or comment on this blog post. You can visit the tables here:

Blocks Table: Visit it here.

Items Table: See it here.

Thanks for reading! I hope you get the best of the new additions!