Monthly Archives: March 2013

We Has Links

Our server has lots of sites, some of which are useful and some of which are also useful. I shall share with you these links and describe each one.

Our wikia site has pages from everything, from rules to cities to even player pages. Users can add pages for their faction or towns and much, much more with this community site.

The Dunmel Site is a basic website for players to get oriented, and most importantly, it has a way to contact us. Sort of like how this blog should.

Our Minecraft Forum page is the center of our knowledge for new players, where you apply for the whitelist among other things.


Each site has its own purposes. If you want advanced, hands-on, in-server information, visit the wikia. If you are a new player and you need starting strategies, visit the forum page. And finally, if you want to contact us via email, go to the Dunmel Site.




Havoc Shall Be Wreaked

With a massive shipment of technology to Montvonde from the outside world, who knows what will happen?