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The Realms

There are several godly realms – each god gets his or her own dimension. I shall list them below and their unique properties.

  • Dawnwood is the realm of Nathura. It is forever locked at dawn, and is a large island completely covered in trees. One can walk upon the forest top as if it were ground.
  • Savinor is the realm of Merk. It is always midday. Savinor is a lush, pine-covered island that is perfectly circular. It is centered around a large mountain upon which is a city. The Library is located in Savinor.
  • Caelum is the realm of the gods in general, they share it. I cannot share any more information about Caelum, except that it is perpetually dark. And it is in deep space.
  • Variform is a small island composed completely of gravel. It is the sacred realm of Arcus. Variform is often covered in snow and the island itself is unremarkable.

Note: To actually visit any of the realms, you must get permission from the god presiding over it. There are some exceptions – mortals can never enter Caelum under any circumstances – they will see too much, then suffocate, explode, and have their soul eaten by gryphons. So please, don’t ask to go to Caelum.


Why, Is That a Stone?

Thanks to a recent downfall, some of the topsoil was washed away, revealing a lot of ancient rocks. These rocks were actually ruins, as one of Montvonde’s leading archaeologists discovered. And even better – they are ruins of Alasantine’s ancient civilization! These ruins are numerous and give us insight to the civilization’s history. Unfortunately, there are also looters, so it is advised to kill any you see. You’ll know by the ancient Alasantine weapons that they carry.