The Realms

There are several godly realms – each god gets his or her own dimension. I shall list them below and their unique properties.

  • Dawnwood is the realm of Nathura. It is forever locked at dawn, and is a large island completely covered in trees. One can walk upon the forest top as if it were ground.
  • Savinor is the realm of Merk. It is always midday. Savinor is a lush, pine-covered island that is perfectly circular. It is centered around a large mountain upon which is a city. The Library is located in Savinor.
  • Caelum is the realm of the gods in general, they share it. I cannot share any more information about Caelum, except that it is perpetually dark. And it is in deep space.
  • Variform is a small island composed completely of gravel. It is the sacred realm of Arcus. Variform is often covered in snow and the island itself is unremarkable.

Note: To actually visit any of the realms, you must get permission from the god presiding over it. There are some exceptions – mortals can never enter Caelum under any circumstances – they will see too much, then suffocate, explode, and have their soul eaten by gryphons. So please, don’t ask to go to Caelum.


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