Pretty Big World

There will soon be a new addition to the Montvonde archipelago. Merk (your lord and admin) is working on making a new series of islands that will dwarf the original archipelago. These new islands will be much, much more massive than the current islands – the current map will be but a sandbar on the coast. This is going to be a new continent. HUGE.

At any rate, these islands will have wastelands or mycelium, ice, and soul muck; with volcano-scarred plains and great sprawling mountain ranges with barren valleys in between. The valleys will be etched with canyons, the volcanos will be oozing lava, and the icy plains will have sevre drop-offs and steep rises and will be punctured by upthrusts of bare rock. And finally, there will be wide grass plains upon which to build your cities.

So be prepared when you look to the horizon and instead of seeing the ocean, you spy an erupting volcano. Best wishes from the Lightning God.


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