Return of he Old

As any avid explorers can tell, we’ve plopped the Old Dunmel map down in the water to the east of Montvonde. The Imperial Orator Perceval Byasvonde has constructed the Corridor, a large system of terrene globes that lead from Rivermouth to the Big Island.

The Empire has reclaimed old power with the claiming of Castle Olketessan, and with a few new members, Byasvonde has swelled and the Legion is almost ready for war, if that ever needs to be the case.

In other news, many new explorers are washing up on Montvonde’s shores with no memory of their past life! This is not only a calamity but it also turns out that many of these new arrivals are very young, so expect to mentor and teach these youngsters the Way of the Quandary.

As the immortal, all-powerful Merk, I have other things to fill my time, so I won’t always be on the server. Just a note.

~Merk of Byasvonde


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