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Return of he Old

As any avid explorers can tell, we’ve plopped the Old Dunmel map down in the water to the east of Montvonde. The Imperial Orator Perceval Byasvonde has constructed the Corridor, a large system of terrene globes that lead from Rivermouth to the Big Island.

The Empire has reclaimed old power with the claiming of Castle Olketessan, and with a few new members, Byasvonde has swelled and the Legion is almost ready for war, if that ever needs to be the case.

In other news, many new explorers are washing up on Montvonde’s shores with no memory of their past life! This is not only a calamity but it also turns out that many of these new arrivals are very young, so expect to mentor and teach these youngsters the Way of the Quandary.

As the immortal, all-powerful Merk, I have other things to fill my time, so I won’t always be on the server. Just a note.

~Merk of Byasvonde


Pretty Big World

There will soon be a new addition to the Montvonde archipelago. Merk (your lord and admin) is working on making a new series of islands that will dwarf the original archipelago. These new islands will be much, much more massive than the current islands – the current map will be but a sandbar on the coast. This is going to be a new continent. HUGE.

At any rate, these islands will have wastelands or mycelium, ice, and soul muck; with volcano-scarred plains and great sprawling mountain ranges with barren valleys in between. The valleys will be etched with canyons, the volcanos will be oozing lava, and the icy plains will have sevre drop-offs and steep rises and will be punctured by upthrusts of bare rock. And finally, there will be wide grass plains upon which to build your cities.

So be prepared when you look to the horizon and instead of seeing the ocean, you spy an erupting volcano. Best wishes from the Lightning God.


The Realms

There are several godly realms – each god gets his or her own dimension. I shall list them below and their unique properties.

  • Dawnwood is the realm of Nathura. It is forever locked at dawn, and is a large island completely covered in trees. One can walk upon the forest top as if it were ground.
  • Savinor is the realm of Merk. It is always midday. Savinor is a lush, pine-covered island that is perfectly circular. It is centered around a large mountain upon which is a city. The Library is located in Savinor.
  • Caelum is the realm of the gods in general, they share it. I cannot share any more information about Caelum, except that it is perpetually dark. And it is in deep space.
  • Variform is a small island composed completely of gravel. It is the sacred realm of Arcus. Variform is often covered in snow and the island itself is unremarkable.

Note: To actually visit any of the realms, you must get permission from the god presiding over it. There are some exceptions – mortals can never enter Caelum under any circumstances – they will see too much, then suffocate, explode, and have their soul eaten by gryphons. So please, don’t ask to go to Caelum.

Why, Is That a Stone?

Thanks to a recent downfall, some of the topsoil was washed away, revealing a lot of ancient rocks. These rocks were actually ruins, as one of Montvonde’s leading archaeologists discovered. And even better – they are ruins of Alasantine’s ancient civilization! These ruins are numerous and give us insight to the civilization’s history. Unfortunately, there are also looters, so it is advised to kill any you see. You’ll know by the ancient Alasantine weapons that they carry.

We Has Links

Our server has lots of sites, some of which are useful and some of which are also useful. I shall share with you these links and describe each one.

Our wikia site has pages from everything, from rules to cities to even player pages. Users can add pages for their faction or towns and much, much more with this community site.

The Dunmel Site is a basic website for players to get oriented, and most importantly, it has a way to contact us. Sort of like how this blog should.

Our Minecraft Forum page is the center of our knowledge for new players, where you apply for the whitelist among other things.


Each site has its own purposes. If you want advanced, hands-on, in-server information, visit the wikia. If you are a new player and you need starting strategies, visit the forum page. And finally, if you want to contact us via email, go to the Dunmel Site.



Havoc Shall Be Wreaked

With a massive shipment of technology to Montvonde from the outside world, who knows what will happen?

Dunmel Trailer Released!

Our trailer is finally out there!


A Bright New World


Dunmel has found a new island – or series of them. Welcome to the Montvonde Archipelago, Dunmel’s new map. Montvonde is the new and improved Dunmel. By that I mean deserts, jungles, chasms, ice wastes, glaciers, frosty forests, plains, woodlands, and even a mushroom shore. The perfect place for a bright new start.

The banks of the Keiran River of Montvonde.

The banks of the Keiran River of Montvonde.

Dungeons, Rupees, Castles, Arenas, and Conversion Tables


I’ll explain the new updates in sections. It’s easier.

  • THE ARENA: The Dunmel Island Arena has existed for some time now, but only now has it risen to its potential. Now we have an advanced spawning system, subterranean team bases, and even a capture-the-flag system with both people and monsters. Whoever wins gets 32 rupees, a unique weapons in their name, and a brand new book.
  • THE DONJONS: The dungeon project is a work-in-progress project, but the gist is that players can go out into the wilderness, and instead of barren nature, they’ll come across a short dungeon with a boss and a good haul of loot. We have a few dungeons already.
  • THE CASTLES: That’s right! More castles to raid and invade. Many new castles have been converted into ruins for new players to build their bases. Be on the lookout for burned out cities.
  • THE RUPEES: Dunmel Island needed a currency system, so we have the rupee, borrowed right out from under India’s nose. Players can earn rupees rather easily, and most shops on the island are using them. To watch the arena you must pay in rupees, if you win the arena, you get some rupees also. Rupees can be found scattered all over the island.
  • CONVERSION TABLE: Want to know how many rupees a stack of cobblestone is worth? Take a look at our newly-compiled conversion tables for EVERY SINGLE ITEM AND BLOCK in Minecraft that players are allowed to handle. If you see that something is missing that should be there, please message me or comment on this blog post. You can visit the tables here:

Blocks Table: Visit it here.

Items Table: See it here.

Thanks for reading! I hope you get the best of the new additions!


Even While -Approaching Nirvana

This is the chosen trailer music for our upcoming trailer.