Here’s a list of the gods, including myself.

Tym – God of time and creation, asleep because of his enormous power. I takes too much energy to stay awake, being time itself. He is the father of most of the gods, including  Arceru, Hyos, and Vim.

Arceru – Arceru is the god of the sun and light, often staying in his palace is the Far East. he is the father of Merk, Arcus, and Sacholen, and hundreds of minor gods. Arceru is responsible mainly for destroying humanity the two times they committed mass wickedness.

Vim – Vim is the daughter of Tym and wife of Arceru, and she bore Merk, along with Arcus and Sacholen. She controls the air and winds, and she likes to lower the air pressure around her mortal enemies, as to not let them breathe.
Arcus – Out of all the female Immortals, Arcus is the only virgin goddess to manage to have children. She managed to create her children literally from the mind. She thinks of the child, and it appears. This is a sore point for Arceru, who made her a maiden. Arcus is the goddess of color, but also strategy and wisdom. She also is the goddess of weaving, and is often mistaken for Arche, the god of arachnids.

Sacholen – Sacholen is the Dunmel equivalent of the Greek god Apollo. He is the god of music and harmony, as well as archery. Sacholen is always seen using a crossbow in his battles. He is the brother of Merk and Arcus, all of which fight together, making a formidable enemy, if not impossible.

Merk – Merk is the god of storms and fire, but also one of the youngest gods. He can be reckless, but also favors mortals the most. Sacholen and Arcus are sometimes jealous of him, for Merk can call down lightning at will and bring storms at any time, as well as summon fire whenever he sees fit. Merk is one of the most powerful gods.

Fogpen – Sometimes referred to as Havoc, Fogpen is the Immortal of madness, secrets, chaos, lies, and general insanity. His symbol is a five-headed serpent, with an arrow through its trunk. Fogpen also is the patron to the nation of hellbringers, the Havocers. Fogpen is considered an enemy of the gods, even though he assisted them in many battles.


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