Montvonde island has a deep history. As it was, Caesar was incorrect. Roughly three thousand years ago a civilization called Alasantine ruled the Montvonde archipelago. It was a sour kingdom, ruled by corrupted monarchs and it was worked by slaves. Yet it was sprawling, and it lasted longer than the Roman Empire.

The evil so daily committed by this nation did not go unnoticed by Alasantine’s chief god, Orel. Orel decided alone that he was to strike down the nation. And so he did.

For five days death washed up on Montvonde’s shores. Plague literally ripped through cities, and revenants and wraiths tore through the bodies of the living. After a week, Alasantine was finished. Orel was not done. To destroy every remnant of civilization, he sacrificed his very life force to wipe clean the land. And all was done.

Now, three thousand years later, people are washing up on empty shores, searching for a new life. And they have found it.



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