Trailer is Upcoming


Which means that Dunmel is going to get advertised! The trailer that is planned will feature flying through the tunnel systems underneath Dunmel, some towns, ruins, and perhaps the Oracle Tower. Hopefully this will help lure more members in, straight into the clutches of Caelum.


1.4.4 Is Going Nicely

We updated to 1.4.4 (rather) smoothly, which results in a load of new server features. First, a new way to make altars. These will be used for summoning the Dragon. There are various other structures, also called shrines, that are dedicated to different Immortals.

To make an altar:

Make a small pillar of cobblestone fences, two blocks high. Place a chest on top. On the fence right below the chest, place a sign. On the sign’s first line of text, write “Altar”. One the second line, write your username. Put valuables in the chest, then alert the Dragon (ezra_dahlgren) that you have built an altar. he should visit you and ask what you want. If he is satisfied with the offerings, he may grant your wish. Don’t ask for a fountain of emeralds, be frugal.

The tunnels below Dunmel are now called the Forbidden Cunicula. They are of course not forbidden, but I will be spending more time down there. Expect subterranean divine surprises!


Cheers, Merk.

New Spawn!


Instead of spawning on top of Mount Olketessan, new members will now spawn on a small plateau that contains some information that everybody – even old members – should read. I will cover the info here.


I decided to introduce a new system, which I call “Ambitus”. It is essentially bribery.

1. Make an altar near the base of Olketessan on the small lake, which is near Castle Olketessan. An altar should be a diamond block on bottom, then a lapis block, then a chest. Somewhere on the altar should be your name, so I know who made the altar. The chest should have valuable goods inside.

2. When the person who made the altar is online, I will approach them and ask them what they want. You can bribe me to destroy an enemy’s (or friend’s) base, or ask me for some resources. You can ask me for anything you wish, and the bigger the offering, the bigger the request. Or, if I don’t like your offering or offer, I might kill you on the spot. Or I might destroy your own base. Or I might plague your people and set them on fire whenever they get on.

You’ll never know why your base is gone, or who asked me to do it, or if I did it for fun! I can tell you’re all enjoying the sweet prospect of Ambitus.


Good luck!



That the server is down. Well, I decided that wasn’t necessary. So Dunmel’s up, until further notice.

Welcome, ali46002, to Dunmel Island! And AnonymousFreak, we hope you’ll be something more than that. But, really, welcome. Glad to have some new players on the server. I wish you luck.


The Quandary Islands Get Real


. . . because Dunmel Island is getting its first small expansion! I am adding on to the Dunmel Island map, but fixing some terrain generation bugs along the way. Some of you may have noticed how there’s a random forest biome intruding upon the desert, and how a jungle biome demolishes our nice plains area. I will be destroying these jungles and forests, and I also wish luck to those who set up camp in those bugged areas. They will be getting fixed.

But that’s not the big news. I am expanding the horizon – literally – on the “Quandary Islands” thing by adding an entirely new island. This will be Variform Island, which I’m still tweaking. It will be the general home of the god Arcus, the Immortal of wisdom. She dislikes mortals who intrude upon her property, so be wary. Arcus is John Locke’s mother, so she might not mind him visiting Variform Island.

I am not revealing too much about the island, but it is small, and not fit for anyone who wants to stay there. Nobody would be that foolish. The real danger lies right under the skin…

Variform Island - Plains

A Quandary Island, sister to Dunmel Island.

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New Look, But Same Great Taste!


Where a company says “we have a new look”, but still keep that great old taste. That, i have done. I decided to get a new theme for the blog, because the old one was nice, but I also had a drab look to it.

So, now inspired by toothpaste ads, I got a new theme. And what better way to test it out that write a new post about it?

Also, if anyone is interested in advertising for the server, just message me asking for permission. You can either message me on the Minecraft Forums, or preferably, on this very blog. Messaging me on the Forums works too, because I’m on there more often.



The Quandary Islands



These mythical and misty islands exist beyond the reach of the mortals, a closely guarded secret of the gods. All the gods attempt to guard it… except one god, who thinks he owns it. Fogpen, the god of madness, dragons, lies, and secrets. He calls the Outer Quandary Islands his own, even though Dunmel itself is in the Quandary islands.

I need to call upon heroes once more… to call them to the misty shores of Galeon to find the minions of Fogpen… the legendary Havocers.




I am periodically adding more of the mythology to the Lore page. You may want to visit it often, as new things are being added.



Darkness Befall


Sometimes being a god can be difficult. I am one of the only gods, (along with Arcus, Sacholen, etc.) that are rather fond of mortals. Sacholen attempted to keep mortals clean, but he ultimately gave up. So Arceru had to scorch the land, etc, etc… On that note, you need to remember I am doing exactly what he tried to do — mentor mankind and keep them from wickedness.

So far i’m doing well. Except that the godly land — Caelum — is intruding in on the mortal world, Viridi. You most likely know Viridi as Earth. And Caelum is, as mentioned, the land of the gods. But it is not as you may think. Caelum is shrouded in eternal darkness. The gods like it that way. We like it that way. But as the other gods and I are using the Gates into Viridi, the darkness seeps in. It worms its way through the doors of the Gates, escaping into Viridi. It is fine with me and the other gods, but mortals honestly don’t seem to like the dark. They, (you), fear the unknown. I believe this is because death is the unknown, not knowing what comes after it.

Since gods do not have to fear death, because it won’t come, we have no need to fear darkness. Or fear anything at all. Except mortals. but that is knowledge you do not need, not to mention that your death will be needed… But that’s not the point.

The point is, I’m at a pivotal point in my life, as are we all. The only way to stop the spill of darkness in Viridi is boiled down to a few possibilities.

1. Take an Oracle to Caelum tin order to use the clear mortal eye to spy out the leak in the Gate’s stream. Sadly, it would mean the Oracle’s destruction, but a certain god of death, Catessan, happens to be my cousin and is able to resurrect beings when he sees fit.

2. Shut down the Gates until the leak is corrected. This could be thousands of years, no contact between my world and yours.

You can vote on your choice, but I feel Arceru himself, my father, will have to make this choice. It could mean badly for me to get wrapped up in the affairs of mortals, but then again I practically populated this island myself.

Please review the information I have posted. It could lengthen your life drastically. Remember that I am risking my immortal life helping you. Please make the best of it.


No More Dynmap


This is an RPG server. That means:

1. Must be realistic as possible.

2. No cheats or hacks allowed. At all.

3. No outside concepts, like McDonalds, or Halo, or Fallout. Nothing in that nature at all.

4. No means of cheating. (AKA, tracking players with the livemap)

5. Skins should represent what the player does. You need an RPG themed skin.

6. Buildings should all be as if you built them in medieval times. No sky scrapers, unless I approve of them. The Oracle Station is fine. But no Empire State Buildings, etc.



I understand I can disable the ability to see the players on the livemap. I did that. But I also realised that having a livemap destroys the mystery of finding new locations. It becomes overall more realistic and mysterious and fun when you can’t put up a webpage that displays the entire map. Some of you may disagree. That’s fine.